I switched to using a Mac from a Linux machine few months back. I wanted to compile a list of tips and tools that I used to customize my workflow to make myself more productive.

Following are the tools I use almost everyday. Some are Mac specific some are not. Do let me know in comments if you found this useful or if you have any better alternatives.

Must have tools

  • Clipboard Manager to copy and paste from clipboard history (I use PasteBox)

  • f.lux

  • Markdown editor (I use MacDown)

  • XtraFinder with following configuration (makes life easy if you’re coming from Windows or Linux OS)
    • Enter to open files and F2 to rename
    • Tabs like Google Chrome
    • Copy Path (Use Cmd + Shift + G to show the location bar and paste the file path)
    • Don’t forget to enable Cut and Paste feature
  • Window management tool (I like SizeUp)

  • iTerm (must have for any developer)

  • brew.sh kind of like apt-get for Mac

  • nvm Node Version Manager for managing multiple node versions

  • fish shell smart and user-friendly command line shell for OS X

  • autojump a cd command that learns

  • Dash great offline documentation

  • Scroll Reversal natural scrolling for trackpad and reversed scrolling for external mouse (this breaks three finger tap dictionary)

  • Cheatsheet see all shortcuts for any app in unified interface

  • A good text editor (Sublime Text, Atom, Brackets, or LightTable or any other)

  • A good IDE (I love IntelliJ Idea from JetBrains as it has support for various languages, frameworks and libraries)

  • Unarchiver for Mac

  • Chrome Canary and Firefox Nightly if you’re into web development.

  • Numi to replace the default Mac calculator app

  • Misc like Limechat, Gitter, Slack and Skype, VLC,